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For the production of welded parts

We have introduced a system of quality management for the welding processes in accordance with specification ČSN EN ISO 3834-2.Quality requirements during fusion welding of metal materials – Part 2: Higher quality requirements.

Management of the welding processes in accordance with this specification ensures that the quality of welds of our products fulfills customer specified criteria. Compliance with the given requirements of this specification enables us to:

  • demonstrate our commitment to fulfilling statutory requirements and regulatory requirements with an emphasis on welding management
  • guarantee the consistency of the welding process and thus provide stabile and high quality services and products to our customers
  • demonstrate suitability, effectiveness and efficiency of the QMS (Quality Management System)
  • improve the quality of the management system and to perfect the organizational structure of the company
  • improve procedures and increase efficiency of the welding processes
  • optimize expenses through a reduction of operating costs, cost cutting for non-conforming
  • products, and savings in raw materials, energy, and other resources
  • increase the confidence of the public and the state authorities when we are able to ensure consistency in the welding processes
  • ensure the compatibility of the QMS in the welding processes with practices in EU countries and - ensure adaptation to EU requirements

We produce welded parts in the required quality grades using the following welding methods:


  • 131 – Gas metal arc welding, Metal inert gas welding - MIG
  • 135 – Gas metal arc welding, Metal active gas welding - MAG
  • 141 – Gas tungsten arc welding,Tungsten inert gas welding - TIG (WIG)
  • 121 – Submerged arc welding with wire electrode
  • 311 - Oxyacetylene welding
  • 74   - Induction welding

Of the fusion welding methods, high-efficiency MIG/MAG welding is used mainly for joints of structural steels. We use TIG welding mainly for the welding of combined materials and thin parts.


  • resistance welding
  • spot welding
  • projection welding
  • seam welding 


We are able to deliver the welded parts including the following surface treatments:

  • galvanic and heat zincing
  • ground coat (undercoat) KTL
  • final coat with powder paint or other options