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Top quality surface treatment

Our products are painted on fully automatic continuous powder coating line.

We achieve the required quality and corrosion resistance common in the automotive industry.

Our new automatic powder coating line has been put into service. The pretreatment part of the line has been delivered by GALATEK, Czech Republic, Power&Free conveyor by AL-CON, Denmark and the plastic paint spray booth by ITW GEMA, Switzerland.

This line comprises a six-stage tunnel ferric phosphate pretreatment system with independent deoxidation and passivation stages. Due to its design, products from steel, galvanized as well as aluminium plates/sheets for both interior and exterior use can be coated with it.

The maximum size of the products to be coated (L x W x H) is 3.000 x 1.500 x 1.800 mm. The rated speed of the conveyor ranges to 3 m/min and the maximum mass of the part amounts to 500 kg.

In the spray booth, the product is coated with the pulverized paint electrostatically, the colour shade can be changed within 15 minutes, making also smaller series´ coating possible. And, due to its design, our booth enables to produce samples according to our clients´ wishes.

The quality is measured with the relevant measuring device. Each production batch is checked by gloss and thickness measuring equipment and each piece is visually checked.

The corrosion resistance is regularly tested by third party in the laboratory conditions.

The best experience is to try our skills.