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Cooperation with the foundry

We are able to ensure castings according to ČSN, DIN, ASTM norms and eventually according to national norms.

We use materials :

  • steel castings
  • low      
  • middle      
  • high-alloyed 
  • castings of modular cast iron, grey cast iron 
  • castings of malleable cast iron 
  • castings of non-ferrous metals produced through gravitational and also compressive method

Further we are able to offer castings produced by means of smelted model method - lost vay process. We cna offer the forgings of ferrous and non-ferrous materials according to ČSN, DIN standards by means of cold and also hot forging, including of heating in protective atmosphere. The obvious part of the offer creates the maching of castings and forgings according to customer´s demands.